Online EBooks Business Opportunities – 4 Top Tips Self-Published Authors Can Use To Sell Their Ebooks Online

Selling ebooks online has rapidly grown to become a lucrative business opportunity because customers don’t have to wait for weeks for their favorite books to be delivered after purchase. They are available for download online in a matter of seconds. Also, because of the cost-effective nature of ebooks, pretty much everyone can afford them. If you want to take advantage of the e-reading revolution, and create your own online store for ebooks, then you must use the following strategies to promote your ebooks like a professional:

Create loyalty by giving ebooks away for free to sell ebooks online faster in the future

Giving an ebook free of charge may sound weird to first-time ebook sellers, but it can be beneficial in the long run. Giving your ebook away for free (for 30 or 60 days) can generate strong word of mouth. If you’re writing skills are not up to the mark yet, the chances are that your family and friends won’t do much to create awareness about your ebook. This is why you need to give away your ebook for free to gain a foothold in the sales process.  In fact, established authors advise beginner authors to give their first ebook away for free to their first 10 or 20 friends. If they don’t receive overwhelming word of mouth, then they should know that they still have a long distance to run regarding writing best-selling ebooks. Using the free approach allows you to test the market without spending a dime and you’ll know your strong and weak points and act on them accordingly.

Set low prices if you want to sell ebooks online fast

The majority of ebook enthusiasts are price conscious. Amazon leveraged this fact and began listing ebooks on their site at$9, although debate still goes on whether that’s the right price for an ebook. The introduction of this low price tag on ebooks to encourage a lot of sales motivated many authors to jump on the bandwagon. Today, many authors are selling a large number of ebooks using this strategy. In fact, some authors list their ebooks at $0.99 just to get as many people as possible to read it. Let's face it; with a price tag of $0.99, anybody can take a chance with any ebook. If the $0.99 grabs attention, it could prompt rave reviews, and word of mouth could spread like wildfire, and your name will be built in a matter of days or weeks.

Solicit a sponsor to subsidize your writing costs to complete your ebook and leverage the many online ebook business opportunities

Writing an ebook takes months, if not years, and this can impact your ability to cater for your routine living expenses. To alleviate this problem, find a sponsor for your ebook. This means getting a cash advance from a traditional publisher to cater for your expenses when writing your ebook. In return, the publisher will have the first preference when you’re giving out your space for ads when potential buyers start to flock your site to buy your ebook.

Cultivating relationships with ebook blogs can enable you to sell ebooks online faster

Ebook fanatics are a very religious lot with strong pulling power. They know where to harness information regarding ebooks, and they make a point to visit those platforms (websites, blogs, social media pages, newsletters) every day. These platforms review and promote ebooks every day. The tons of reviews on these platforms impact many ebook buyers. If your ebook gets featured on these platforms, you’re sure to get tons of ebook downloads. You can contact the platform admins and request your book to be featured. Some platforms feature ebooks for free, while others charge a fee.

Getting your name out there is critical to realizing tons of ebook sales in record time. Also, you must do everything in your power to ensure that. There are many other strategies to promote your ebook sales online, but this list offers you a good starting point.

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